Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jeanne & Bill

Ben and I had spent the day canvasing in Wilton (more pics to come about that!). Since we were scheduled to be in training that evening, we headed over to Nashua early to see Jeanne Shaheen and Bill Clinton. This was one amazing day. Ben and I were right up front and center. Ben had seen Bill speak before, and Barack. I'd never seen Barack speak, or Bill or Hillary, so this was my treat to myself. It was amazing to shake their hands, and Jeanne was so thankful that we had come from NY to help on the campaign.

What a day!

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Ben said...

Now there's a winning team!!! This was a thrilling day. I'm glad Kevin dragged me to go see and hear President Clinton campaign....again. This guy will never allow himself to stop fighting for what matters most to Americans, and nor should he! Eat your heart out Lee Atwater!!! We won again!