Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Polling Begins, The Checkers Check

Checking is more art than science....
...and our checkers are Picassos!

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brooklynkevin said...

When we first arrived everything Molly warned us of came to pass. The moderator, as pleasant a fellow as could be, was new, and he intended to go by the book. The book said no one but the poll workers could step behind the tables, and that our checkers not only would not get chairs, but would also have to stand somewhere behind the voters as they arrived.

Enter our lawyers, Bill and Peter and TJ. Thank God for lawyers! Yep, I said it! And I mean it. However, let me rephrase: thank God for OUR lawyers!!!!

By 6:15 every poll checker was at their station, one on either side of the single republican poll checker. I'll ask our checkers to tell those stories.

Our poll checkers never took their eyes off the prize. The results speak for itself.

YES WE DID it together.