Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Day Begins

When the day started for many of us at 4:00 am the stars were still shining bright. Many of us felt nervous, but focused beyond belief. That focus allowed us to think clearly, stay calm, and actually enjoy the moment. At 6:00 am the polls opened, and we were ready.

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brooklynkevin said...

I remember waking up thinking, Oh My God, this is it! We're really here! I knew if I didn't focus my thoughts on the task at hand I'd just crumble. I wasn't stressed, or even tired, and I didn't allow myself to let the adrenalin pump me up. I knew if I went too high, I'd crash and be of no use. I think I did cry in the shower, and I know my feelings crept up on me all day long, but it was much too important to let myself get swept up in my emotions. The stars did look so beautiful when I walked outside at 4:45 am. On the way to the Middle School I lost my way, but that only focused my attention all the more. Those first 30 minutes of the day are so full in my mind. Full of purpose, and anticipation. Like waking up on Christmas morning.